Colonial Nissan Service Specials

Everyone wants to save money, and at Colonial Nissan, saving money is easy! We always have affordable service, but with the coupons below, you can make a service visit at Colonial Nissan even more affordable. Find the coupon that applies to your situation, and make sure you utilize it before it expires!

15% Off Nissan Cabin Filters

Replace your cabin filter before Spring!
Save 15% on Nissan Cabin Filter. We can replace it for you, or you can purchase at counter and replace at home. 

15% off All Air Filters

Save 15%!
Save on Nissan engine air filters at the parts counter!

Wiper Blade Special

$37.99 for 2 Nissan wiper blades
Has the winter ice and snow been tough on your wipers? Visit Colonial Nissan and get two wipers for $37.99!

Battery Special

Save $10 off Nissan battery
The cold winter can leave your battery drained. Visit Colonial Nissan of Medford and purchase a new battery and save $10!